May 10, 2016


For President of the United States


Hillary Clinton               18

Bernie Sanders              18 



Ben Carson            10

Ted Cruz               62

John R. Kasich         26      

Marco Rubio           4    

Donald J. Trump        219       



Marc Feldman           0

Gary Johnson             0

Steve Kerbel              0

John McAfee             0   

Austin Petersen        0        


Representative in Congress District 3


Adrian Smith   305


For Public Service Commissioner District 5


Jerry Vap   178

Mary Ridder   97


Non-Partisan Ticket

For Member of the Board of Regents University of NE  Dst  7

Bob Phares       77


Total Registered Voters    

Republican      952          

Democratic        162          

Non Partisan        158            

Libertarian                0     


Total Voting

Republican          334   

Democratic         43    

Non Partisan        11     

Libertarian       0              


Percentage of voters Participating            30.5% 


 Since not more than two candidates have filed for each vacancy, the following offices will advance to the General

Election.  Partisan county office will auto advance and shall not appear on the primary ballot when only one candidate

has filed to be the party nominee.


For County Commissioner District III

Republican  Scott Olson


For School Board District 117  Dundy County/Stratton Public Schools

Kent Lorens                                            Amy M. Haines

Shad T. Stamm                                      Jason Schack

Craig J. Kerchal                                      Jean Marie Jones

Shane Johnson


For School Board District 435 Wauneta/Palisade Schools

John Jutten                                            John F. Anderjaska

Jason Hicks


Chase County Schools Board District 15-0010

Sheila Stromberger                    Karl E. Meeske

Willy J. O’Neil                                        Robert M. Hartman

Carrie Terryberry                                  Josh Fries


Benkelman City Councilperson (East Ward)

Tammy Buffington


Benkelman City Councilperson (West Ward)

Judy J. Clark


Mid Plains Community College for Board of Governors District 2

JoEtta Brown


Mid Plains Community College for Board of Governors at Large

Ted A. Klug Jr.


Upper Republican Natural Resource Sub-District 1

No Candidates


Upper Republican Natural Resource Sub-District 3

Kerry E. Bernhardt


Nebraska Public Power District Sub-District 4

Larry E. Linstrom

Bill C. Hoyt