NOVEMBER 8, 2016



Donald Trump/Michael Pence Republican                                 

Hillary Clinton/Tim Kaine Democratic                                            

Gary Johnson/Bill Weld Libertarian                                          

Jill Stein/Ajamu Baraka By Petition                                       


For Representative in Congress District 3

Adrain Smith Republican                                                      


For Public Service Commissioner District 5

Mary Ridder Republican 


For Dundy County Commissioner District 3

Scott A. Olson Republican                                                    

Shane Eversole By Petition     


For Member of the Dundy County/Stratton School Board District 117

Kent Lorens                                                  Jason Schack              

Amy M. Haines                                                       Craig J. Kerchal                                  

Shad T. Stamm                                            Jean Marie Jones                                   

Shane Johnson                                       


For Member of Wauneta/Palisade School Board District 15-0536

John Jutten                                                              Jon F. Anderjaska

Jason Hicks       


For Member of Chase County School Board District 15-0010

Sheila Stromberger                                   Robert M. Hartman                           

Karl E. Meeske                                            Carrie Terryberry                                          

Willy J. O’Neil                                                          Josh Fries                                          


For Member of City Council East Ward City of Benkelman, Nebraska

Tammy Buffington                                      


For Member of City Council West Ward City of Benkelman, Nebraska

Judy Clark                                                                


For Member of Upper Republican Natural Resource Subdistrict #1

No Candidates


For Member of Upper Republican Natural Resource Subdistrict #3

Kerry E. Bernhardt                                    


Member of the Board of Regents University of Nebraska District 7

Bob Phares                                                    


Member of the Board of Governors Mid Plains Community College District 2

JoEtta Brown     


At Large

Ted A. Klug Jr.                           


Education Service Unit 15 Subdistrict 2    

John Metzger


Director of Nebraska Public Power District Subdivision 4

Larry E. Linstrom                             

Bill C. Hoyt                                    


Village of Haigler Board of Trustees Haigler Nebraska

Jolene Brunswig                                                           Rick Starks                     



For Judge of Nebraska Supreme Court/Chief Justice

Shall Judge Michael G. Heavan be retained in office?         Yes               No                            


For Judge of the Supreme Court District 6

Shall Judge John F. Wright be retained in office?                  Yes               No                    


For Judge of the Nebraska Court of Appeals District 6

Shall Judge Frankie J. Moore be retained in office?             Yes                  No


For Judge of the Nebraska Workers’ Compensation Court

Shall Judge Daniel R. Fridrich be retained in office?                 Yes                   No   

Shall Judge John R. Hoffert be retained in office?                    Yes                   No                           

Shall Judge James R. Coe be retained in office?                        Yes                   No                                    


For Judge of the District Court District 11

Shall Judge James E. Doyle IV be retained in office?      Yes                           No    

Shall Judge David W. Urbom be retained in office?         Yes                          No  


For Judge of the Court County District 11

Shall Judge Anne M. Paine be retained in office?              Yes                    No                             

Shall Judge Jeffrey Wightman be retained in Office?       Yes                    No



Total Registered Voters



Non Partisan                         




Total Voting



Percentage of Voters Participating