Unofficial Results

                                                                                                Primary Election

May 15, 2018



 Republican                                                              Democrat                                           Libertarian                               

  Jack Heidel  25                                                       Jane Raybould    23                        Jim Schultz 1

  Dennis Frank Macek       12                                Frank B. Svoboda  10                                 

  Deb Fischer                        334                                         Larry Marvin      3                    

  Jeffrey Lynn Stein        21                                    Chris Janicek           11                           

  Todd F. Watson              44                           



For Representative in Congress District 3

Kirk Penner (Republican) 49                                                  

Arron Kowalski (Republican)       26                                   

Larry Lee Scott Bolinger (Republican)   14                               

Adrian Smith (Republican)          366                                    

Paul Theobald (Democrat)  39


For Governor

Krystal Gabel (Republican)      81                                   

Pete Ricketts (Republican)     384                                

Vanessa Gayle Ward (Democrat)    19                         

Tyler A. Davis (Democrat)        5                           

Bob Krist (Democrat)                24                   



For Secretary of State

Bob Evnen (Republican)         178                            

Debra Perrell (Republican)       178                         

Spencer Danner (Democrat)       38                      


For State Treasurer

John Murante (Republican)     192                             

Taylor Royal (Republican)          166                     


For Attorney General

Doug Peterson (Republican)       340                                                                           

Evangelos Argyakis (Democrat)   40                           


For Auditor of Public Accounts

Charlie Janssen (Republican) 324

Jane Skinner (Democrat)       41                         


For County Commissioner District I

Jerry L. Fries (Republican)       105                                        

Miles Preston (Republican)      49                            

Anthony L. Wonderly (Republican)       35                     


For County Commissioner District II

Kelly D. Nichols (Republican)           29                                

Richard Bartholomew (Republican)      118                               

Morgan Burrell (Republican)      19                                      

Tim Smith (Republican)           27                         



For County Sheriff

Justin Nichols (Republican)     394                   

Jimmy Collins (Republican)      98                              


For Member of the Legislature District 44

Dan Hughes    377

Stephanie L. Malcolm  142


Mayor for the City of Benkelman, Nebraska

John M. Carter     59

Jeanette D. Wonderly 57

Robert P. Rhoades  182

Randy W. Brink 3


For Member of the State Board of Education District 7

Robin R. Stevens   398


Total Registered Voters

Republican            967         

Democratic       133

Non Partisan      169               

Libertarian            2           



Total Voting _ 


Percentage of Voters Participating

            46 %


Since not more than two candidates have filed for each vacancy the following offices and candidates will advance to the General Election.  Partisan County Offices will auto advance and shall not appear on the primary ballots when only one candidate has filed to be the party nominee.


County Assessor – No Candidates

County Attorney – Gary F. Burke

County Clerk – Tony Lutz

County Treasurer – Penny Denny


Mid Plain Community College for Board of Governors District 2

Pam Abbott


Upper Republican Natural Resources District For Board of Directors Subdistrict 2

Terry L. Martin


 Upper Republican Natural Resources District For board of Directors at Large

Brock Stromberger                                                Duane Dinnel


School board District 117 –Dundy County/Stratton Public Schools

Sandy M. Noffsinger                                 Brad A. Baney                                

Kevin K. League                                          Jason E. Frederick

Toby Marlin                                                 Steve Guernsey

Nick Ladenburger


School Board District 536 - Wauneta/Palisade Schools

Allison Sandman                                        Laurie Maris                                               

Marty Wheeler


Chase County Schools Board District 15-0010

Steven D. Walling                                       Jeff Olsen                                        

Cindy Arterburn                                         Dan Reeves


Benkelman City Councilperson (East Ward)

Deborah Stamm


Benkelman City Councilperson (West Ward)

JoAnn M. Decker